As far as exotics go in Texas, feral hogs are the most widespread and easily identified, but many ranches in the state also hold other exotics such as: Aoudad sheep, Axis deer, Elk, Sika deer, Fallow deer, & Blackbuck antelope.  On this cold and windy December afternoon three of us headed out to a small box blind in the rugged hills of Kimble County.  The ranch we were hunting on had all of the above mentioned animals, but a sika buck was what I was really wanting.  It wasn't long after the feeder went off that a number of animals began moving around, but no bucks were in site.  After an hour of sitting in silence, a young sika deer stepped out of some cedar trees and into a clearing about 150 yards to the North-West of us.  I couldn't get a shot from where I was sitting, so after the slowest and quietest game of musical chairs that has ever been attempted, I was able to get a shot off out of a side window.  He maybe went 50 yards before piling up in some mesquite thickets.  He was younger than he looked through the binos, but I was happy to have my first exotic buck down.   


old man & the pig


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It had been a long time since this "old man" had shot anything but tequila...  but bored with my duties as camp cook and dangerously low on Lone Star, I thought I'd head out to the closest store for some ice and more beer.  On the drive to the gate I passed a blind that was right off the road.  Normally no one hunts this blind on busy ranch weekends because all the increased road traffic and noise tends to scare off the animals, but on this evening, the pigs were having a party while waiting on the feeder to go off.  I pulled the car over a few hundred yards down the road and grabbed the only gun I had with me, a Marlin  that belonged to my now late brother in law. I chambered a round sneaked my way back up the road and into the cover of trees that surrounded the blind.  I managed to get into the blind with out spooking anything off and waited for the feed to start spinning.  Not 5 mins after it did, the ground exploded with pigs of all sizing fighting for corn. There were some bruisers out there, but also some smaller pigs. So instead I decided to ear-hole this little guy.  Way easier to load and way better to eat.  He went down instantly, and on the way to check him out I found a lucky turkey feather (in my hat in the picture).  So while i never ended up getting to the store for more ice and beer, I ended up bringing home some bacon!

-Old Man 


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