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Killer Feral Hogs?

Yes, a woman seems to have been killed by wild pigs in Texas.  This is obviously a horrible tragedy, and although very rare, could be come more common with the ever increasing numbers of hogs in the state.  There have only been 6 or so instances like this in as many years, but the hogs are prolific breeders and their numbers are ever increasing.

The hogs are a menace to the ecosystem and agriculture alike, and cause roughly $1.5 billion in damage every year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They rip up crops and property, eat endangered species, and spread diseases to farm animals and humans. The Department of Agriculture estimates there are roughly six million hogs across the U.S., however some specialists place the amount nearer to nine million.  Roughly half of those hogs are located in the Lone-Star State!

Early Spanish explorers most likely were the original people to introduce hogs into TX over three hundred years back. As settlement multiplied, hog numbers also inflated. They provided a very important supply of cured meat and lard for settlers.

During the fight for Texan independence as individuals fled for safety into the US or Mexico, several hogs got loose or were released. It wasn't till the mid 1800s, once hostilities between the US and Mexico concluded, that settlers once more began bringing farm animals back to Lone-Star State. Those farm animals included hogs that ranged freely. Many of these free range pigs escaped, contributing to the wild population.

To compound matters, in the Nineteen Thirties, European wild hogs, or "Russian boars," were initially imported into Lone-Star State by ranchers and sportsmen for sport hunting purposes. Most of those eventually got out from their respective game ranches and commenced free ranging and breeding with other hogs. due to this crossbreeding, there are only a few, if any, true European hogs remaining in Lone-Star State.

Since Texas Parks and wildlife originally began removing wild boars in 1982, the hog population within the Lone Star State has dramatically inflated and there are currently over ten times as many hogs in the state as there were then.

Texas has terribly permissive rules relating to hog hunting, and TX Feral hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals.  Therefore, hogs dont fall under any hunting seasons or bag limits, and hunters can pursue hogs all year long. They can be hunted over baits, trapped, hunted in the dark and even from a helicopter, but be sure to always have a TX hunting licence and property owner permission when hunting.