Badlands Mag Bino Case - Badlands created a lightweight, durable bag that is a revolutionary way to carry your expensive binos. The Badlands® Binocular Pack features a new water tight and dust proof closure called the Zip-No" System, which makes accessing and protecting your binos easier than ever. The shoulder harness of the Badlands Binoculars Bagalso accommodates your hydration needs with a rollout bladder.

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Outdoor Edge Razor, is an innovative new replacement razor blade system for dull knives. Sharpen the blade or simply push the lock button to remove and insert an utlra-sharp new one. The Outdoor Edge knife has a rubberized handle that ensures a secure, non-slip grip, even when wet. Each knife tool comes complete with six replacement blades and a Mossy Oak nylon sheath. Weighing in at a lightweight 3.6 oz, this knife is easy to carry and handy to have on hand for camping, hunting and a variety of other outdoor activities.


This bino case is super convenient for early season and spring turkey hunts, but the padded shoulder straps go from being very comfy to slightly cumbersome when also wearing a backpack and rifle sling.  That said, we have used them on every type of hunt, and never regret taking along the bino case.  It protects the binoculars very well and makes it easy to grab them quickly with the "no-zip" system that employs magnets.. but be careful, those magnets are so strong that they can sometimes snap closed loud enough to spook off game.  Also you cant really use the hydration bladder while wearing a backpack, but most packs will also have a designated hydration bladder spot.

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9/10 rating

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8/10 rating

We really love these knives.  Always having a sharp blade when you need one in the field isn't something to be taken lightly... and these things are SHARP! The BLAZE ORANGE is a great addition as the first one we tested had a black handle and was easy to misplace at night while working on breaking down an animal, but we found this knife so useful that we had no issue buying another one to replace it.  Make sure to remove blade and clean it really well after use as, it tends to get blood up into the slot that accepts the blades. Also this isn't a knife to chop through bones with, but for a sharp blade for skinning and cleaning animals you cant beat it's convenience. Be sure to keep extra blades handy as you can go through as many as 3 or 4 blades when breaking down and skinning a large game animal like an elk.

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